How Do You Use a DeWalt Cordless Blower?


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Use a DeWalt cordless blower by installing a fully charged battery back, holding the blower firmly in one hand, squeezing the trigger and blowing the debris gradually toward the desired location. Only use a DeWalt cordless blower for moving small, light debris such as leaves, lawn litter or paper scraps.

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Always wear proper protective equipment when using a DeWalt cordless blower. Protect your eyes using officially rated safety glasses. While leaves and small, light debris are not much of a hazard, a flying stick, pebble or nail can seriously damage vision. Use ear plugs or safety ear muffs to protect your hearing while using the blower. While not as loud as gas leaf blowers, DeWalt cordless blowers still emit a loud, shrill whine that can damage hearing with excessive exposure.

Be courteous to your neighbors when using your DeWalt cordless blower. Avoid using the blower early in the morning, as this may awaken sleeping neighbors. Likewise, do not use the blower during the evening or late at night, as this can disturb others in your neighborhood.

The DeWalt cordless blower's battery pack is compatible with all other cordless DeWalt power tools in that voltage line. For instance, users can use the battery back for a 40-volt DeWalt reciprocating saw or string trimmer in the blower and vice-versa.

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