How Do You Use a Delta Faucet Repair Kit?


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Purchasers of a Delta faucet repair kit use the item by replacing any matching parts in their sink with the parts included in the kit. These kits contain an assortment of parts that repair a specific section of the faucet, such as its handles or valves. Owners trying to repair their faucet should gather any needed tools – such as a screwdriver, 1/8-inch Allen wrench and pliers – and shut off the water to the faucet below the sink.

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Disassembly entails removing screw covers and using the screwdriver and other tools to take apart the faucet. Owners should delay purchasing repair kits until they find any damaged parts. A worker may only find that a part needs tightened and purchasing a replacement would be a waste. Overall, the process can involve removing adjusting rings, metal stems, balls and other pieces. After replacing any broken parts, the repairer reassembles the faucet and turns the water back on.

One common problem with sinks are leaking faucets. Just a little leak can cost owners 3 gallons of water a day, which adds up over time. This issue is commonly caused by broken seats or springs within a faucet and is usually a relatively easy repair job; however, an owner may wish to hire a plumber to do the job instead.

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