How Do You Use a Curb Machine?

How Do You Use a Curb Machine?

Use a curb machine by preparing concrete mix and loading the premixed concrete onto the hopper while directing the machine along the correct path. At least two people are required to finish a concrete curbing job: one person to operate the equipment and the other to feed the concrete mix into the hopper.

A curb machine enables landscapers, homeowners and general contractors to create concrete barriers, mower strips and edging on gardens, sidewalks, gold courses and other paved surfaces. This piece of equipment generally features an extruder, body assembly, three wheels, hopper and various types of slip forms.

Prior to using a curb machine, it must be assembled properly according to the instructions provided on the user manual. Operating a curb machine for a concrete-related job requires several steps to complete.

  1. Prepare a concrete mix
  2. Mix in cement and fine sand and then gradually add water. Do not include gravel into the mixture as this material could jam the hopper.

  3. Feed the concrete into the hopper
  4. Position the curb machine at the preferred starting point. Turn the power on and start pouring a shovelful of concrete mix into the hopper.

  5. Form the curb
  6. Check that the equipment is properly extruding concrete on the surface by using a leveler. Continue the same process until the desired curb is completely formed.