How Do You Use a Cuisinart Food Processor?


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To operate a Cuisinart food processor, users must place the work bowl atop the base unit, making sure the base is plugged in and the bowl's handle is slightly left of center. Then they must turn the bowl counter-clockwise until it snaps into place.

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Blades provided with Cuisinart food processors are extremely sharp and should always be handled with care. For instance, the chopping blade and dough blade should each be held by their hubs at all times. Additionally, users must hold the shredding and slicing disks by the rounded exterior edges. The dough blade is typically used for yeast-based recipes, such as pizza or bread dough, whereas the chopping blade is used to reduce vegetables or other food products to desired sizes or consistencies.

The Cuisinart food processor has several speed options. On some models, such as the Classic line, there is a simple "on" and "off" button, with the "on" button having a secondary option of "pulse" for greater chopping control. Once the blade or disk is selected, the top components must be positioned correctly or the blades can not engage. First, the cover with its feed tube must be placed in alignment with the interlock mechanism and turned counter-clockwise on the work bowl. It, too, snaps into place when correct. Next, the large and small food pushers are clicked and turned into place respectively inside the feed tube located in the cover. The small food pusher is especially useful when introducing fine elements or liquids, such as juices, into the mixture inside the bowl.

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