How Do You Use a Crimping Tool?


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To use a crimp tool, gather a crimp tool, crimp tubes, some jewelry wire, a nipper tool and a jump ring. Slide the crimp tube onto the wire, and add a jump ring, squeezing the crimp tool and shifting down to the second station. Squeeze the tool again, and add the beads before repeating the process.

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  1. Slide crimp tube onto the wire, and add a jump ring

    Use your hand to slide the crimp tube onto one end of the wire. Then, push a jump ring in as well, before taking the end of the wire and maneuvering it back through the crimp. Adjust the crimp so that it is closer to the jump ring, but make sure the ring still has some wiggle room.

  2. Squeeze the crimp tool

    Take the wires in your fingers, and separate them so that they are on both sides of the tube. Then, grip the crimping pliers, and squeeze them gently. Do not squeeze too hard, or you may damage the crimp. This should give you a U-shaped crimp tube.

  3. Squeeze the crimp at the second station

    Shift the crimp so that it comes to the second station of your crimping pliers. Make sure it is aligned so that squeezing the pliers brings both ends of the tube together. Squeeze the pliers again. Use your nipper tool to cut any wire that is still hanging off the end.

  4. String beads onto the wire, and repeat

    Use your hands to place any beads you choose onto the wire. When you are finished, you can repeat the process to crimp the other end of the jewelry wire and finish the project.

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