How Do You Use a Corkscrew?

How Do You Use a Corkscrew?

Use a corkscrew by cutting the foil from the bottle, inserting the auger, and using leverage to loosen the cork. Once it is loose, pull the cork by hand, and serve the wine. The process takes less than a minute and requires a waiter-style corkscrew.

  1. Cut the foil from the bottle

    Use the knife on the corkscrew or another serrated knife to cut through the foil over the cork. Position the cut just below the rim of the bottle, and remove the foil to provide access to the cork.

  2. Insert the auger

    Position the point of the auger in the center of the cork. Turn the corkscrew to drive the auger into the cork. Stop turning when about one turn of the auger remains above the cork.

  3. Fold the corkscrew

    Fold the corkscrew so that the first bottle rest is on the lip of the bottle. Lift the opposite handle to apply leverage to pull the cork to the top of the bottle. Once the handle extends fully, fold again, and place the second rest on top of the bottle. Lift so that the cork is almost out of the bottle, and stop. Remove the corkscrew, and complete the cork removal using your fingers.