How Do You Use Corince Boards?

How Do You Use Corince Boards?

Make your own cornice board with plywood, crown molding, fabric, batting and paint. This project is easy for beginners, and it only takes about two hours, not including drying time.

  1. Measure and cut plywood to size

    Determine what size you want the cornice board to be. The height of the board should be about one-fifth of the length of the curtains.

  2. Estimate batting position

    Mark the placement of the crown molding on the front and sides of the cornice board to determine where the batting should be placed.

  3. Assemble the cornice board

    Attach the sides to the front of the cornice board with wood glue.

  4. Measure and cut fabric

    Measure the length and width of the cornice board and add 4 inches to both. Cut the fabric to these measurements.

  5. Attach batting and fabric

    Use spray adhesive to attach a layer of batting to the front and sides of the cornice board. Use a staple gun to attach the fabric.

  6. Cut, paint and attach the molding

    Measure the length of the front and sides of the board and cut the molding to size. Paint the molding, allowing it to dry for several hours. When dry, attach the molding to the cornice board with finishing nails.