How Do You Use a Corian Countertop Repair Kit?

To use a Corian countertop repair kit, wash the area and scrub out scratches with the color-coded abrasive pads that come in the kit. When the countertop is smooth, let it dry and allow the pads to air out.

Corian is a durable countertop material made of resins. Although it can take a lot of wear and tear, scratches can occasionally occur. DuPont, the company that produces the material, makes a repair kit consisting of color-coded pads that are specifically designed to remove scratches from Corian. To use the kit:

  1. Clean the countertop
  2. Use an abrasive cleaner to clean the surface of the counter and remove any blotches or film. Work the cleaner into the surface with a damp cloth or sponge. Rinse the cleaner from the counter.

  3. Use the peach pad
  4. Select the peach side of the abrasive pad from the kit and rub it into the scratched surface in light straight motions, switching directions periodically. Avoid pressing too hard, as the abrasive quality of the pad can create new scratches.

  5. Rinse and dry the counters
  6. Rinse off the countertops and dry them with a cloth.

  7. Sand the counter with the other pad
  8. If fine scratches remain or the sanding does not match the rest of the counter top, use the aqua-colored side of the pad to continue sanding the countertops, using straight motions.

  9. Use the gray pad
  10. If scratches remain, use the gray pad to buff the countertops.

  11. Rinse and dry all materials
  12. Rinse and dry the countertops. Rinse out the pads and let them dry.