How Do You Use Concrete Patio Stone Molds?

How Do You Use Concrete Patio Stone Molds?

Mark the patio or walkway with string tied to stakes, and remove the grass in the area. Place the mold at one end of the area. Pour mixed concrete into the mold, wait five minutes, and move the mold to the next position.

Preparing the area ahead of time gives the finished product a professional look. You need a level area to make the patio level. Removing the grass in the area helps create a level paved area. Remove extra dirt in areas if necessary to get a level path or patio.

Add color to the concrete mix if desired to create the look of colored bricks. Wet the mold before using. After you position the mold, scoop the concrete into the holes with a trowel one section at a time. Fill the hole completely, and smooth the concrete level with the top of the mold.

Let the concrete set for five to 10 minutes before gently pulling up the mold. Push the mold up next to the previous section. You can turn the mold each time to get different patterns. Fill the mold again, waiting an additional five to 10 minutes before removing. Continue working until you cover the entire patio or walkway area with the molded bricks.

Fill the cracks with sand or with patches of grass that you removed. Cover the concrete with plastic so the concrete dries slowly. Apply concrete sealer after the concrete cures for additional protection.