How Do You Use Concrete Patio Blocks?

How Do You Use Concrete Patio Blocks?

Use concrete patio blocks, also called pavers, by laying the border first, then spreading sand across the area. Lay the pavers and finish the border to complete installation.

Use pavers on soil or concrete without having to remove the existing ground cover. Pavers are an inexpensive way to dress up a patio or hide old concrete flooring. Follow the steps below to complete the project.

  1. Assess the ground
  2. Take a good look at where the pavers will go and determine if leveling or other work is necessary before laying pavers.

  3. Gather the materials
  4. For this project, purchase sand, pavers and, if installing pavers over concrete, purchase polyurethane construction adhesive as well.

  5. Clean the area
  6. When installing pavers over concrete, scrub the concrete to remove dirt and debris. Allow the concrete to thoroughly dry.

  7. Measure and plan
  8. Measure the areas of the borders and mark with a chalk line.

  9. Lay and glue the borders
  10. Lay the borders and, if laying pavers on concrete, glue the border pieces in place. Skip this step if laying pavers on soil.

  11. Lay landscape fabric
  12. Measure and cut landscape fabric and lay it down.

  13. Spread the sand
  14. Spread a layer of sand on the landscape fabric. The sand should be no deeper than a quarter of an inch.

  15. Lay the pavers
  16. Lay the pavers in the desired pattern. Tamp each one down and scrape away excess sand.

  17. Fill in the gaps
  18. Sweep sand across the finished patio to fill in the joints.