How Do You Use a Commercial Microwave Oven Cleaner?


To use the commercial microwave oven cleaner Glisten, place the foaming scrubber in the middle of the microwave plate, and turn on the microwave for the appropriate amount of time. Allow the scrubber to sit with the door shut for an additional three minutes, then wipe down the microwave's interior.

The appropriate amount of time to turn on the microwave with the Glisten scrubber inside depends on the unit's wattage. The heat from the microwave activates the foaming powder on the scrubber. Then, during the additional three minutes the scrubber remains inside the microwave with the door closed, it releases steam that helps loosen any food residue. After three minutes have passed, it is important to make sure the scrubber is cool to the touch before using it to wipe down the microwave's interior. Lastly, dispose of the used scrubber in the trash, and use a damp paper towel or cloth to wipe away any foam that remains inside of the microwave.

There is no specific frequency with which one should use Glisten Microwave Cleaner. Rather, use it as often as necessary to keep the microwave free of food build-up and stains. The cleaner is safe for use with all microwave models, according to the Glisten website.