How Do You Use ColorSmart by Behr at Home Depot?


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Home Depot's ColorSmart by Behr allows you to find and coordinate colors by color family, decorator style, popular colors and colors from the Marquee Collection. ColorSmart also allows specific color searches. Clicking on a color displays coordinated colors on the bottom left of the screen and the color number of the selected colors on the top left of the screen.

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Searching by color family displays several shades of a specific color, such as all purples or all greens. To choose different shades of green, for example, use the arrow at the top to add more yellow or the arrow at the bottom to add more blue. Click on the solid colors or color palettes along the side to change the shades. Find something you like, click on the square, and then look below to see what colors work best with that shade.

The decorator option divides the colors into neutral, modern, cottage, arts and crafts, and classic palettes. Choose a palette, then choose a color, and find the coordinating shades. Popular colors list the basic colors in the left hand screen, each with several shades. The popular colors list displays both interior and exterior paint options and a color trends option.

The Marquee Collection has six categories, including Opulence, Odyssey, Lights, Fundamentals, Dynasty and Rejuvenation. Color selecting and coordinating works the same. The search color screen allows you to search by color, product name, KSU or color number, or keyword.

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