How Do You Use a Color Wheel in Interior Design?


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In decorating, the color wheel relies on primary colors of red, blue and yellow, placed one-third apart on the wheel. This forms the basis of the chart. Decorators choose complementary colors directly opposite each other on the wheel, analogous colors directly next to each other or triad colors one-third distance from one another. This means these combinations will form a harmonious relationship with each other.

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Secondary colors of purple, green and orange are located between the primary colors and are made by combining adjacent primary colors. Red mixed with yellow produces orange. Yellow mixed with blue produces green, and blue mixed with red produces purple.

Tertiary colors are combinations of a primary color with a secondary color, such as blue-violet and blue-green. Colors are also designated as warm or cool. Reds, oranges and yellows are warm colors, while the cool colors are the blues, greens and purples. Cool colors are believed to recede, while warm colors are stimulating, and this is used in decorating to create the desired effect for a room.

The color wheel contains pure colors, and many people prefer lighter or darker values. White added to a color lightens it, and when black or umber is added, the color darkens.

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