How Do You Use a Color Chart to Choose a Carpet?


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A carpet color chart is used to pinpoint specific colors that bring out specific feelings as well as to match colors to make a room look pleasing to the eye. Color has many psychological impacts and can create feelings of warmth or coldness, depending on each individual.

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Color is perceived differently by gender so one color is not universal for creating a feeling such as value or importance. The color red is one of the most psychologically stimulating colors and can suit a work environment to make employees faster and more productive. However, it also increases tension and causes more work-related errors. A carpet color chart is useful to determine the preferred shade of red to make the room appear larger or more intimate.

Carpet color charts are designed with specific color schemes in mind that help match a color to a pleasing color family. An adjacent color scheme combines two or more colors that are beside one another on the color wheel so that one can choose a carpet color based on similar colors in the room such as wall color. If one is designing a room from scratch, such color schemes help one access a variety of tints and shades within the same color family. Simply find a specific color and use the tints and shades to determine a carpet color.

Some colors, such as gray, do not work well as carpet colors due to showing more dirt and should be noted when looking at color charts.

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