How Do I Use Clorox Outdoors?


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Mix 1/2 cup of Clorox per gallon of water for outdoor use. The mixture can be prepared in just a few minutes and used to clean decks, outdoor furnishings and some types of vinyl siding.

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After preparing the mixture of Clorox and water, use a garden sprayer to clean large surfaces, such as decks or siding. The mixture can be poured into a bucket to clean outdoor furnishings or other small items. Rinse any areas that have been cleaned using cold water to prevent damage to the surface or nearby plants.

To clean outdoor furnishings made from plastic or vinyl, use a clean cloth to wash the item with the bleach mixture. Rinse the furnishings thoroughly, and allow them to dry in a warm, sunny location. Check the colorfastness of fabric items, such as cushions, on outdoor furnishings before cleaning with Clorox. To determine colorfastness, treat a hidden area of the fabric with the bleach. Wait for 30 minutes, then use the bleach mixture only if there is no change in the color of the fabric.

To clean areas such as the driveway or a concrete patio, pour the Clorox mixture into a bucket and use a utility broom to scrub the surface clean. Rinse the area thoroughly with fresh, clean water. Metal items, such as grills, should be scrubbed with the mixture and rinsed thoroughly.

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