How Do You Use a Circular Saw?


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In order to use a circular saw, the wood should first be placed on a suitable surface and marked where it is to be cut. After the proper safety precautions are taken, the saw should be lined up with the mark and the trigger pulled to start the cutting motion.

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Circular saw operation requires several steps.

  1. Safety first
  2. Using a circular saw effectively starts before the saw is even picked up. Proper safety clothing should be worn, including eye protection, and the blade guard should be checked.
  3. Prepare the wood
  4. The wood should ideally be placed on a firm surface with enough clearance underneath to allow the saw to pass. Where possible, position the wood so that the smaller bit will fall away once the cut is made, with the larger part remaining on the bench or sawhorse. Next, use a pencil to mark out the line the cut should take.
  5. Set the depth
  6. Make sure the circular saw is unplugged, and then hold it beside the wood to check the cutting depth. Adjust this if necessary according to the instructions of the saw.
  7. Cut
  8. Make sure the protective guards are in place, switch on the saw and start making the cut. If the cut veers off the marked line stop, wait for the saw to stop spinning, and start again.
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