How Do You Use a Chiminea Fire Pit?


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Before using a chiminea, set it up in a safe place and seal the exterior. Limit the size of the first fires to condition the inside. Practice fire safety anytime you are enjoying the chiminea.

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  1. Set up the chiminea

    Use a metal stand to prevent the hot clay from coming in contact with flammable surfaces. Choose a location where smoke dissipates freely without blowing into the house or under an outdoor roof. Add sand to the bottom of the unit per the manufacturer's directions. Set two firebricks on top of the sand to create a grate to allow airflow to the bottom of the fuel.

  2. Seal the outside before use

    Use floor wax or water sealant to seal the exterior of the chiminea. Reapply the sealant of choice every month the unit is in use.

  3. Season the chiminea

    During the first eight burns in the chiminea, the wood soot and ash form a protective coating on the inside unglazed clay. Keep fires small, limited to kindling and one small log. Once the unit is seasoned, it is ready for longer burns.

  4. Enjoy the chiminea

    Keep children and pets away from the unit when it is in operation. Use small pieces of hardwood on the fire. Avoid using the device if rain is in the forecast. If a surprise thunderstorm arrives and the chiminea is in use, cover the chimney to stop the draft and fire. The temperature shock from rain on the unit can cause it to crack.

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