How Do You Use Chalk Paint to Paint Furniture?

How Do You Use Chalk Paint to Paint Furniture?

Unlike traditional furniture painting, chalk paint does not require priming or sanding. Although users can skip these first steps and start painting immediately with chalk paint, they must seal the paint job with soft wax when finished.

To begin painting furniture with chalk paint, gather the necessary materials, which include the furniture, paint brushes, drop cloth, chalk paint, clear soft wax, wax brush, and an old t-shirt or microfiber cloth. The Thinking Closet also recommends removing any extra hardware on the furniture and cleaning it with soap and water to remove any oil or dust.

Mix the paint before applying it to the piece of furniture. Apply the chalk paint using various brushstrokes and techniques, as the Annie Sloane website's technique tutorials demonstrate. Two to three coats of paint is usually sufficient, according to The Thinking Closet.

Once satisfied with the design, seal the paint with soft wax by applying small dabs of wax to the piece with the wax brush. Apply the wax in circular and side-sweeping motions in the direction of the grain of the wood, as The Thinking Closet instructs. When the piece is completely covered in wax, wipe it with a cloth in the same direction.

Chalk paint works on wood, metal, matte plastic and terracotta, as Annie Sloane explains. Users can thin the paint by adding water to make a wash or thicken it by letting it sit out with the top off to make an impasto.