How Do You Use a Chainsaw Sharpener?


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To use a chainsaw sharpener, be sure to use the right specifications to suit your blade size or type. Place the sharpener on a stable surface. Insert the correct sharpening stone before placing the chainsaw blade into the holder. Set the swivel angle of the blade first and the blade tooth angle second. Adjust the blade tooth backstop and the grinding head depth stop, and then proceed to sharpen each tooth.

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Check the sharpener packaging for the appropriate sharpening stone for your blade size. Follow the instructions exactly for inserting the stone, as some stones run in one direction only. Adjust the swivel angle at the rear of the machine to swivel between 0 and 80 degrees. Adjust the blade tooth angle to a positive or negative 10 degrees, or as specified on the packaging, by loosening the knob below the blade holder.

Adjust the blade tooth backstop by placing the wheel into the tooth, which allows the teeth on the blade to consistently rest in the same area of the wheel. Adjust the depth stop to prevent the metal from overheating and to only allow it to graze the inside of the tooth.

Turn the grinder on, and let it touch the first tooth. Check the tooth to be sure the full curve of it is shiny. Repeat with all of the teeth on one side of the blade. Stop the grinder, make adjustments for the next set of teeth, and start the grinder to finish the second side of the blade.

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