How Do You Use a Chainsaw?


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To operate a chainsaw, first flip the starter switch to on, close the choke, place the saw on the ground, and pull the starter rope. Always make sure you have followed all standard safety precautions before operating a chainsaw, as failure to do so could be life threatening.

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  1. Follow standard safety precautions

    When handling powertools, safety always comes first. Personal protective equipment such as a helmet and thick gloves help to keep the user safe. Also be sure to think about your environment. Assume a sturdy, planted stance to prevent losing control of the chainsaw, and make sure to always have a firm grip with both hands. Do not try to operate the machine with only one hand.

  2. Start the chainsaw

    To start the chainsaw, first make sure there is enough gas in the tank. Flip the starter switch to the On position, and close the choke. If your chainsaw has a primer button, press it 2 to 3 times before attempting to start the saw. Finally, place the chainsaw on the ground, firmly grasp the handle with one hand, and pull the starter string with the other. Slightly pull the trigger to give it a little gas, and the chainsaw should begin to hum.

  3. Use your chainsaw to limb, buck and fell

    Limbing is removing limbs from a tree, bucking is the shortening of a downed tree's trunk, and felling is cutting down a tree in a controlled fashion so that it falls in a planned direction.

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