How Do You Use Ceiling Fans With a Wood Stove?


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Hanging a ceiling fan in the same room with a wood stove increases efficiency if the ceiling is vaulted or high. Turning the fan's motor into reverse mode on low speed gently brings the warm air that has moved up to the ceiling back to the floor.

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Some experts argue that using a ceiling fan during the winter months is a waste of time; however, other studies have found that using a ceiling fan in this way can reduce the cost of heating by as much as 30 percent. An average ceiling fan, moving even at high speed, only consumes a tenth of the wattage of a small electric heater, so the savings can be significant.

Keeping the fan on low moves the warm air back down by bringing the air currently in the room upward and pushing the warmer air down where the occupants can feel it. Choosing a fan that is the right size for the room is also important to get this circulatory effect. For example, a 36-inch fan has a working radius of approximately 6 feet from the middle, while a 48-inch fan has a working radius of about 8 feet. Looking at the diameter of the space in which people use the room helps with figuring out the optimal size of the fan to place in that room.

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