How Do You Use Cedar Chips?

Place a generous amount of cedar chips down as mulch around trees, flowerbeds, walkways, pool tile and shrubs. Additionally, use them as a weed suppressor around the deck and the perimeter of the house. After a year or two of use as mulch, they can be used for composting as well.

When cedar chips age, they begin to lose their fragrance and color. As this begins to occur, move them to the garden so that they can suppress weeds there. Additionally, place them in areas of the garden that’s muddy or wet for a stable area to walk. Leave the cedar chips in the garden for a year or more, and then move them to your compost pile. Cedar chips decompose slower than other untreated wood chips, but the color and aroma they provide is often a good trade off if placed in the right areas.

Because cedar chips breakdown slowly, the cellulose remains in the soil for many years. Cellulose provides nutrition for fungi and the beneficial bacteria that the soil’s ecosystem needs to continue to grow plants, flowers and food. When placed in a compost pile, cedar chips continue to decompose slowly to allow a longer stimulation of microbiological populations, aeration and moisture retention. Prepare to wait a long time for finished compost if using cedar chips.