How Do You Use a Caulk Gun?

How Do You Use a Caulk Gun?

To use a caulk gun, load a tube of caulk into the gun, and then squeeze the trigger on the gun. Hold the trigger with constant pressure as you move the gun along the seam that you want to caulk, pulling away from the direction the gun is facing.

  1. Load the gun

    Cut the tip of the caulk tube using a pair of heavy-duty scissors at a 45-degree angle for best application results. Pull the trigger on the gun, and pull back on the bar at the rear of the gun to move the clamp all the way to the rear. Slide the tube into the gun, putting the tip through the hole at the front, and depress the trigger until the clamp rests against the back of the tube.

  2. Apply caulk to the desired seam

    Begin at one corner where two walls meet, or at the beginning of a seam. Depress the trigger and move at a slow, steady rate away from the point of the gun. Watch the stream of caulk to make sure that it covers the seal and has a consistent size. Adjust the pressure on the trigger and your rate of speed to ensure a proper coating.

  3. Remove excess caulk and smooth up the finish

    Dampen one finger, and run it along the line of caulk that you just applied. Smooth the texture and wipe away any excess caulk.