How Do You Use a Car Scratch Remover?


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The best way to apply car scratch remover is by using a buffer. The car needs to be washed and dried before the car scratch remover can be applied. For the best result, wax the car after washing.

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  1. Wash the car

    Prepare the car for scratch removal by washing it. Mix the appropriate car wash soap and water in a bucket, and use the solution to wash the car, being careful to remove all the dirt and grime. A soft-bristle brush is perfect for removing stubborn stains and accumulated debris. Ensure that the car is parked in a shaded area. A high-quality car wash soap can be purchased at an automotive supply store.

  2. Dry the car

    Use a soft towel to hand-dry the car. This gets rid of any remaining dirt and debris as well as ensures that the car's surface is smooth for scratch remover application.

  3. Prepare for buffing

    Attach the polishing pad to the buffer, and evenly apply the scratch remover to the outer edges and center of the pad. Avoid oversaturating the pad with the scratch remover.

  4. Apply the scratch remover

    Apply the scratch remover to the scratched area of the car by setting the buffer to 1400 RPM, turning it on and moving the buffer in a back and forth motion. Repeat the process while checking to see the condition of the scratch periodically. Continue to buff the scratched area until the scratch completely disappears.

  5. Wipe the buffed area

    Using a clean, soft towel, wipe away any excess scratch remover once the scratch is completely gone. The buffed area is then glossier than the rest of the vehicle, making it necessary to buff the rest of the car. Replace the wool buffing pad with a foam buffing pad, and buff the entire car. Any pad debris should be removed using a soft, clean towel.

  6. Wax the car

    It is wise to apply wax to the car’s paint job once the buffing is complete. Use a high-quality wax to achieve an even and glossy shine. Such a wax is available at a local automotive supply store.

  7. Buff the car to shine

    Ensure that the foaming pad is attached to the buffer, and proceed to buff the entire car. Take care to thoroughly buff all areas of the paint job.

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