How Do You Use a Can Opener?

use-can-opener Credit: Spathis and Miller/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Using a can opener requires correct placement of the can opener's clamp to the lip of the can. Once securely clamped, the handle is twisted around the entirety of the can's circumference or until the lid can be easily lifted and the contents extracted.

Although manual can openers come in a variety of styles, they generally feature the same technique of latching and twisting to cut through the can. Place the can opener's pliers around the lip of the can and then clamp the handles. The sharp plier-like blades will pierce the can and secure it for lid removal.

Securely grasp the main handles of the can opener with one hand and twist the rotating, flywheel handle with the other, until the blade has cut through the entire can. Finally, remove the lid.