How Do You Use a Butterfly Safety Razor?

How Do You Use a Butterfly Safety Razor?

To use a butterfly safety razor, identify the brand of razor and blade that works the best for you, apply a great lather of shaving cream, and shave using short strokes with very light pressure. Shaving with a butterfly safety razor takes about 10 minutes and requires a razor, a mirror, shaving cream and a shaving brush.

  1. Experiment with different brands

    Invest in several different brands and types of butterfly safety razors and corresponding blades. Blades are made with various types of grindings, metals and coatings. Try different styles to learn what works best for your skin.

  2. Work a good lather

    Apply shaving cream to your face with a shaving cream brush. Put a dollop of cream onto your brush, and lather your face by moving the brush in small circles. The quality of shave you get is dependent on the quality of lather you produce beforehand.

  3. Shave in short strokes

    Hold the razor on the bottom of the handle to reduce the amount of pressure with which you shave. Position the razor with the handle parallel to the floor to begin. Tilt the razor downward until the blade is against your skin. Work in short, 1-inch strokes, letting the weight of the razor do the work.