How Do You Use a Brinkmann Gas Grill?

To use a Brinkman gas grill, remove the cover, preheat the grill, clean the cooking grates and cook the food. Once the grill is empty, clean the cooking surfaces again. When the grill has cooled, replace the cover. Allowing 10 minutes for preheating, most meals are ready in under an hour.

  1. Preheat the grill

    Remove the grill cover, and turn on the valve at the propane tank. Turn the burner control knob by the igniter to high, and press the button to start the fire. Turn the remaining burner knobs to high so the other burners ignite from the lit one. Close the lid for 10 minutes, and allow the grill to reach operating temperature.

  2. Clean the cooking surface

    Use a grill brush to clean the hot cooking grates. Cleaning now helps to prevent the flames from flaring up.

  3. Grill the food

    Place the food on the hot surface, and allow it to sear. Close the lid, and turn down the burner control knobs to reduce the heat. Check on the food regularly, and turn it as necessary. When the food reaches the desired level of cooking, remove it from the grill.

  4. Clean the grill again

    Turn the burners back to high, close the lid, and allow the grill to heat for a few minutes. Use the brush to clean the surfaces. Turn off the burners and the gas. Once the grill is cool, replace the cover to protect it from the weather.