How Do You Use Bounce Dryer Sheets in Addition to Laundry?

In addition to eliminating static in laundry, Bounce dryer sheets can be used for cleaning, deodorizing, removing pet hair and deterring bugs. Dryers sheets can also stop static outside of the dryer.

Use dryer sheets to clean a variety of items around the house. Soak a dryer sheet in water in dirty pots and pans for easy cleaning the next day. Run a warm iron over a dryer sheet to clean residue off the iron's plate. Clean glass and chrome by rubbing a dry dryer sheet over them. These sheets can also be used to clean toilets.

Deodorize objects and locations with Bounce dryer sheets. Place them in drawers, closets, suitcases and shoes. Drop dryer sheets in gym bags and in trashcans under the bags for an odor-fighting blast. Tuck sheets in any corner of a room that needs freshening. Dryer sheets can even be used to remove smells from old books.

Swipe dryer sheets over clothes to remove pet hair. Try this trick on fabric and upholstery as well. Rubbing a dryer sheet over clothes or hair stops static and smoothes flyaway hairs. In the same way that Bounce sheets eliminate static in the dryer, they can stop it outside the dryer.

Tuck a dryer sheet anywhere you find spider webs. Corners and unused shelves are other good places for dryer sheets to be used as insect repellents. When placed in drawers and closets, they do double duty as bug deterrents and air fresheners.