How Do You Use a Bolt Torque Calculator?

How Do You Use a Bolt Torque Calculator?

Bolt torque calculators calculate the proper amount of torque for a particular bolt by collecting the dimensions and characteristics of the bolt in question. The calculator will generally return figures in the form of inch pounds or foot pounds.

Bolt torque calculators are useful in applications where the operator must identify the recommended or maximum amount of torque needed for a specific type of bolt. Many variations of these calculators can be found online. features a well-developed bolt torque calculator that can be found under the Online Calculators section of the Support page.

To use the calculator, enter the bolt size, bolt material and mating material when prompted. Mating material refers to the material into which the bolt will be inserted. Many fields will auto-populate based on the answers chosen for these questions. However, if additional information is available, also select coarse or fine threading as well as the mating thread length. Finally, advanced users may wish to provide information for K Factor and applied load. Put simply, K Factor refers to the compressing or stretching effect when bending material.

After pressing "Calculate," the calculator returns a figure in inch pounds or food pounds of torque. These metrics correspond to sum of the applied force multiplied by distance in feet or inches from the pivot point.'s calculator in particular calculates both the recommended torque as well as the maximum torque.

This example features one of the more user-friendly bolt torque calculators. However, advanced users may be able to find calculators that fit their needs or preferences more directly, such as the one provided by