How Do You Use Boeshield T-9?


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To use Boeshield T-9 for six to 12 months of rust protection on areas that are highly susceptible to rust, such as the undercarriages of vehicles, chains or metal items in storage, spray on a thick coating of T-9 and let it dry. When reactivating a stored item, re-spray it with T-9 and rub off the excess. For frequently used rust-prone items, such as hand or field tools, apply a thin coating of T-9 each week, rubbing off any excess.

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Boeshield T-9 is safe on almost all surfaces. It is non-conductive and safe to use on electronic equipment.

Use T-9 on battery terminals, fender wells, trunk lids and hinges, door hinges and electrical circuits in vehicles. It is also useful for cleaning and protecting cables, rusty bolts, O-ring chains and lever pivots on motorcycles. Apply T-9 to an engine that is warm, but not running, and wait a few hours to allow the T-9 to dry before starting the engine.

T-9 is ideal for use on bicycles as it removes moisture and penetrates the moving parts between drive-chain rollers and pins. Because it is completely waterproof and dries to a clean, waxy film, rinsing off sand and dirt with water after a bike ride does not diminish T-9's effectiveness. T-9 remains liquid long enough to penetrate into metal pores and crevices without requiring the dismantling of equipment in the home workshop or the factory. To remove T-9, use solvents, emulsifying cleaners or a re-spray of T-9 to dissolve the product prior to wiping it off.

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