How Do You Use a Board Foot Calculator?


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Use a board foot calculator by inputting the length, width and thickness of a board in order to calculate the volume of wood in a board. Determining the volume of wood in a board allows you to calculate the price of the board.

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Boards come in different lengths, width and thickness and are priced accordingly. For example, two boards can come in dimensions of 4 by 96 inches and 8 by 96 inches. The price for each board is different as the two boards contain different amounts of wood. The volume of wood in a board is measured in board feet. A board foot is one square foot of lumber that is one inch thick.

Board foot calculators are used to calculate board feet and are built on the formulas: (thickness x width x length)/144 or (thickness x width x length)/12. The first formula is used if the length is measured in inches, and the second formula is used if the length is measured in feet. Some calculators allow you to choose how to measure the length while some, by default, use either inches or feet. Some calculators have additional tabs such as price per board and number of boards that assist in calculating the total price.

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