How Do You Use a Black&Decker Rice Cooker?


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Before you start, make sure to remove any stickers from the rice cooker and wash it carefully following the instructions provided. The Black&Decker rice cooker works by putting rice and water into the cooking bowl, covering it with the glass lid and letting the steam produced slowly cook the food. You may need to keep an eye on the rice and add more water if necessary. The product comes with a manual providing detailed instructions and cooking suggestions.

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You can use the Black&Decker rice cooker to prepare classic boiled rice or to experiment with new rice recipes by adding your favorite seasonings, spices, butter or olive oil. Cooking times are available in the user manual and are based on the amount of rice used, but you can adjust them according to personal taste. In addition to the "cook" switch, the rice cooker has also a "keep warm" option that allows you to keep the rice warm for a while once fully cooked. Once the rice is ready, the cooker turns off automatically and switches to the "keep warm" option. The cooker comes with a plastic scoop that you should use whenever you want to mix or fluff the rice to avoid scratching the non-stick surface of the cooking bowl.

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