How Do You Use a Black & Decker Drill?

To use a Black & Decker drill, choose a torque setting, use the lock switch to select a direction, and depress the trigger to make the drill run. You need a Black & Decker drill with a compatible battery pack, a battery charger and drill bits.

  1. Charge the battery pack

    Insert the battery pack into the charger. Plug the charger's wall adapter into an electrical outlet. Allow the battery pack to charge for a minimum of three hours or until the LED light turns green. Remove the battery pack from the charger. Insert the pack onto the bottom of the drill. A distinct, audible click indicates proper insertion.

  2. Insert drill bits

    Behind the drill bit holder is, in the following order, the front half of the chuck, the rear half of the chuck and the torque adjustment collar. Hold the rear half of the chuck, and turn the front half to the left to open the bit gripper. Insert the drill bit into the gripper, and turn the front half to the right to secure it.

  3. Operate the drill

    Use the torque adjustment collar to choose a torque setting. The lock button determines the direction in which the drill turns. Set the button in the middle to lock the drill into place. The trigger operates the drill. Press on it lightly to turn the drill bit slowly. Press on it harder for a quicker speed.