How Do You Use a Black Algae Killer in Your Pool?


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To use black algae killer in your pool, shut off the pump, scrub the affected area, pour the black algae killer on the area, and restore water circulation the next day. Black algae typically accumulates on the sides of the pool and sometimes on the bottom. The items you'll need include a wire brush and your choice of black algae remover.

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  1. Turn off the pump, and scrub the area

    To prepare the pool for the black algae killer, turn off the pump, and use a stiff wire brush to scrub the affected area. This breaks up the algae so the chemicals can work better.

  2. Pour in the black algae killer

    Pour the black algae killer into the pool, along the affected areas. Do not turn the pump back on until the algae killer has had the chance to work overnight.

  3. Recirculate the water

    Turn the pump back on to recirculate the water the day after application of the black algae killer.

  4. Brush and vacuum

    Brush the affected area again, using the stiff wire brush you used the day before. Vacuum all remaining black algae from the pool.

  5. Check pH levels of the water

    Check the pH levels of the water using the method of your choice. Fix whatever is out of balance with the pool.

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