How Do You Use a Bissell Vacuum Cleaner?


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To use a Bissell vacuum cleaner, first select the best vacuum model for your needs. Utilize each of the cleaning attachments on your specific machine, and properly maintain your Bissell vacuum.

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How Do You Use a Bissell Vacuum Cleaner?
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Decide if you want a canister vacuum or an upright vacuum. You have to pull canister vacuums behind you, while uprights models require you to push them. Also decide if you prefer a bagged or a bagless vacuum. While they have the same cleaning abilities and power, bagged vacuums operate in a slightly different way than bagless vacuums.

Bissell also offers stick vacuums and hand vacuums to clean smaller messes with greater convenience. Use your vacuum to clean high traffic areas of your home daily. Vacuum the areas of moderate traffic twice a week and all areas weekly.

Each Bissell vacuum comes with various cleaning attachments. Use these attachments to clean hard to reach spaces, such as baseboards, behind furniture and appliances, ceiling fans, and corners. Other attachments can help with upholstery on furniture or drapes.

To maximize the efficiency and life of your Bissell vacuum, properly maintain it by emptying dirt containers, changing bags and replacing filters as needed. Use scissors to cut hair and debris off of the brushes on the bottom of your vacuum to enhance your vacuum's performance.

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