How Do You Use a Bissell Steam Cleaner?


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To use a Bissell steam cleaner, fill the water tank with hot water and the formula tank with cleaning solution. Turn the steam cleaner on, and use the trigger to spray the carpet with soapy water. Then, extract the water by running the machine over the area without pressing the trigger.

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First, locate the water tank on the steam cleaner. Remove it, and use a sink or bathtub to fill it with hot water. Find the formula tank on the steam cleaner, and fill it with cleaning solution. Ensure that all parts are secured and any caps have been put on. Plug the machine in, and turn it on. Pull the trigger while moving the steam cleaner back and forth across a small area to apply the cleaning solution and water. Release the trigger, and run the machine backwards over the same area to extract the dirty water. Repeat this process until the entire area has been cleaned, emptying and refilling the water tank as it fills and replacing cleaning solution as needed.

Some tips include starting at the corner of a room and going slowly to ensure full extraction. Follow any specific instructions given by the manufacturer. This may be printed directly on the machine or included as literature when you buy or rent a steam cleaner. On Bissell's official website, customers can enter the name or model number of a particular steam cleaner to find its corresponding user's manual.

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