How Do You Use Bedbug Insecticides?


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To use a bedbug insecticide, apply it to any area where there could be bedbugs, including the bed frame, box spring, carpet edges, hollow spaces and interior of closets. Insecticides are available in liquid, aerosol and dust form. Application varies based on the type of insecticide.

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Bedbugs can develop a resistance to insecticides, making them less effective. Insecticide use can also cause bedbugs to disperse, leading to a more widespread infestation. When using insecticides, the room must be ventilated properly to get rid of the chemicals. Exposure to insecticides may cause health problems or allergic reactions in people or pets.

Pretreat the area before using insecticides. Clean the area, fill up any cracks or holes, and vacuum. Clean personal items and seal them in a plastic bag for several days. Wash clothing and bedding in hot water, then dry them. After the pretreatment, inspect the area for bedbug activity and hiding places.

The most common method of dealing with bed bugs is contacting an exterminator. Methods used by exterminators vary, and multiple visits are often required. Furniture or other items that are infested may need to be removed from the household. To prevent further infestation, all bedbugs must be eliminated before bringing in any new items.

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