How Do You Use Bare Root Trees in Landscaping?


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Including bare-root trees in landscaping requires a bit of special planning and care to ensure that the trees' delicate roots are not damaged in the planting process. Before planting a bare-root tree, uncover the roots and fully immerse them in room-temperature water for several hours.

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After soaking, dig a whole big enough for the entire root ball. Make sure not to dig the hole too deep, as only the very top of the root ball should be covered. The base where the roots connect to the main trunk should be no lower than ground level. One advantage of bare-root trees is that they do not require as much initial watering as other trees.

Bare-root trees normally come with their roots wrapped in moist paper or sawdust to keep them from drying out. If the tree isn't planted immediately, the roots need to be kept moist and stored in a cool, dark place. Add water to the roots if they begin to feel dry.

Bare-root trees are fairly inexpensive and can be shipped over long distances. These trees are usually just younger versions of the same trees typically found in nurseries.

Keeping bare-root trees small and washing all the dirt off the roots makes them easier and less expensive to transport.

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