How Do You Use Free Band Sawmill Plans to Build Your Own?


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To use free band sawmill plans, gather the necessary tools and materials, and read the instructions carefully before beginning. Follow them step by step, and gather the necessary safety equipment to prevent damage during the project.

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Before building the mill, check the size requirements at the worksite, and build a band sawmill that can meet the project's needs. Getting the mill to the jobsite might require some bush or tree trimming. Once the mill is at the site itself, it is important for there to be setup room. Clear a large and level worksite to set the mill up, though the size of the mill and the size of the site depend largely on the size of the logs milled.

Set the sawmill's track rails onto the ground, as it makes it easier to load the logs. Sometimes raising the sawmill makes it easier to level, though ultimately comfort and operational requirements determine the configuration. In addition to proper utility space, it is important to have enough space for transportation, as the logs need to be loaded onto a trailer or wagon. Once you are done with the operation itself, stack the logs according to length and quality, with the longest stock cut first.

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