How Do You Use Automatic Sprinkler Timers?


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To use an automatic sprinkler timer, locate the timer and set the year, month, day and time. If applicable, enter your location using a ZIP code and your zone to program the climate settings. If possible, enter the days your city allows for watering, and press the Auto button or rotate the Auto dial.

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For inputting the program information, many timers use plus and minus buttons or a rotating dial and a set or next button to save the settings. When you enter your ZIP code into an advanced configuration controller, the automatic timer programs the historical weather data for your region, including rain patterns throughout the year. Use the product's user guide to find the zone you live in and enter the number or letter for your zone to alert the system to things such as desert conditions or a humid climate.

Many cities allocate specific days of the week for watering, and they vary depending on your address or ZIP code. Many cities also specify a particular time of day they prefer people to water, which is also programmed into the timer when setting the days of the week. Modern sprinkler systems have sensors that shut off the timer when it has recently rained or if the weather is too cold to regulate the amount of water waste.

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