How Do You Use an Air Bed Repair Kit?

How Do You Use an Air Bed Repair Kit?

To use an airbed repair kit, check the airbed for leaks and apply the adhesive onto them. The adhesive seeps into the leaks and seals them.

To repair an air mattress or airbed with a repair kit, use the following steps.

  1. Locate leaks
  2. One or more leaks may cause the airbed to deflate. To locate leaks, mix a solution of water and dish soap. Spread the soapy water onto the surface of the mattress. If bubbles form on the surface, that spot has a leak.

  3. Mark the leaks
  4. Use a marker to circle any leaks. This makes them easier to find during the repair process.

  5. Clean the mattress
  6. Rinse the soapy water off of the surface and let the mattress dry. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface of the mattress around the leaky area. This helps the adhesive stick to the material.

  7. Apply the adhesive
  8. Use the stick included in the kit to spread a thin layer of adhesive onto the hole.

  9. Let the adhesive dry
  10. Let the adhesive dry for 12 to 24 hours. Do not touch the glue while it dries.

Some repair kits come with a patch. These are usually designed to help shield the adhesive in camping conditions when there is no time to allow the glue to dry. To use these patches, cut the patches to size and simply place them onto the wet adhesive.