How Do You Use a 220 Electrical Wiring Diagram?


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220-volt electrical diagrams are commonly used as instructions for the installation of large appliances and appliances used for heating and cooling in households. After 220-volt electrical circuits have been installed, diagrams may also be used to troubleshoot operational issues.

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Electricians refer to 220-volt electrical wiring diagrams to ensure that electrical circuits are being properly installed in accordance with safety codes. Common uses for 220-volt diagrams include the installation of oven range and dryer outlets. 220-volt wiring diagrams may be used to install three- or four-wire electrical circuits. A three-wire circuit includes two hot wires that alternate between negative and positive; one is black, and the other is red or blue. The third wire in a three-wire circuit is a ground wire, which is either green or bare copper. The four-wire 220-volt circuit is the same as a three-wire circuit with the exception of an additional neutral wire, which is white.

All electrical appliances include wiring diagrams. Diagrams are color-coded to demonstrate the proper placement of different wire types within an electrical circuit. Wiring diagrams show where individual wires within a circuit begin and end, and they show the correct placement of devices, such as breakers and fuses, within the circuit.

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