What Is an Upright Freezer?


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An upright freezer is an appliance that is taller than it is wide, with an exterior appearance similar to a large refrigerator. These vertical freezers typically feature shelves on the door, along with interior shelves and bins or drawers that make it relatively easy to organize frozen foods.

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Upright freezers are typically available in a variety of sizes and price points. Some models have added features such as manual or auto defrost, removable shelves and pull-out bins or drawers. Unlike chest freezers, which are wider than they are tall, with a door or lid on top, upright freezers generally take up minimal floor space. When installing this type of freezer, allow for the model's height and width, enough space for the door to swing open and a minimum of 1 inch behind the freezer.

In addition a smaller footprint, upright freezers are also easier to keep organized, with better access to frozen foods than chest freezers, which require bending and reaching into the freezer to sort through layers of stacked frozen foods, according to Sears.com.

According to About.com, upright freezers usually come with a higher price tag and less usable storage space than chest freezers. Additionally, upright models are typically less energy efficient than chest freezers, largely because the door doesn't seal as tightly.

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