What Are Some Upholstery Techniques?


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Some upholstery techniques include tufting, piping and forming "T" junctions during pleating. Other common upholstery techniques include joining fabric ends, inserting cording and stapling fabric skirts.

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Tufting is an upholstery technique that involves sewing, pulling or folding fabric to create shapes. Tufting produces a textured pattern, so choose a fabric with minimal designs. The two types of tufting are diamond and square. Using a tape measure, mark where on the piece you want your buttons to go, and cut holes in the foam or fabric at these spots.

Poke the fabric down into one of the button holes, and screw the tuft in place. Push the fabric down far enough so that it stays on its own but does not apply much pressure to the foam. Use a wood screw and a flat washer to fasten the fabric to the button hole.

Stapling fabric skirts involves folding the skirts in half horizontally and attaching them over the welt. Attach the under flaps at each corner, and layer each piece on the frame separately. Attach the center of the skirt first, ensuring that the fabric is aligned with the end corners of the frame. Staple the fabric to the seam allowance of the cording, and repeat for each section of the frame.

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