How Do You Upholster a Sofa?

How Do You Upholster a Sofa?

Re-upholster a sofa by measuring it before purchasing the fabric, cutting the old fabric off the sofa, tracing the pattern on the new fabric, cutting the fabric and attaching it to the sofa’s frame. Trace the cushions on the new fabric, then cut to size. Attach a zipper.

  1. Measure the sofa and cushions

    Determine the length, width and height of the sofa and cushions with a tape measure.

  2. Purchase the fabric

    Take the measurements to the fabric store, and choose the new fabric.

  3. Remove the old fabric

    Cut off the old fabric with a pair of scissors. Cut along the seams so you can use the pieces as a pattern.

  4. Trace the pieces

    Lay the new fabric face down on a flat surface, and set the cut pieces of fabric on it. Trace around the old fabric with a pencil on the new fabric. Cut the pieces to size.

  5. Attach the fabric to the body of the sofa

    Hold the fabric on one end of the sofa, and staple it to the wood with a staple gun. Work your way around the sofa, holding the fabric tight as you go along to prevent wrinkles.

  6. Make the cushion covers

    Place the old cushion covers on the fabric, and trace around them. Cut the fabric along the pencil marks. Sew the fabric together with a sewing machine, and attach a zipper. Place the cover over the cushion.