How Do You Upholster a Headboard?

To upholster a headboard, glue foam padding to the front of the headboard, and staple cotton batting along with your choice of fabric to it. The tools you need are a utility knife, fabric shears, quick-dry spray adhesive, a staple gun and 3/8-inch staples.

  1. Cut out the foam

    Lay the headboard on top of a large strip of foam padding. Use a utility knife to trace and cut out the outline of the headboard in the foam.

  2. Cut out the batting

    Lay the headboard on the cotton batting just as you did with the foam. Add 3 inches to each side of the headboard, and use fabric shears to cut out the outline of the headboard at the 3-inch mark.

  3. Cut out the fabric

    Use the same technique as you used for the batting to cut out the fabric, but ensure you center the pattern of the fabric prior to cutting.

  4. Spray the headboard and foam padding

    Spray the adhesive to the front of the headboard and the back as well as the sides of the foam padding.

  5. Secure the padding

    Attach the padding to the headboard evenly, and fold the sides of the padding over the sides of the headboard.

  6. Staple the batting

    Lay down the batting, and center the headboard face down on top of the batting. Fold over the extra 3 inches of batting, and staple the overhang to the back of the headboard.

  7. Staple the fabric

    Center the pattern again, and use the same technique to staple the fabric.