How Do You Upgrade an Electric Meter to 200-Amp Service?


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To upgrade an electric meter to 200-amp service, there are a series of steps including installing a new meter socket and making a series of wire connections. This project typically takes four to six hours and is difficult, so experts recommend hiring a professional electrician.

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To begin the process of upgrading an electric meter to 200-amp service, ask the utility company to disconnect all of the electrical cables from the home, and then remove the glass meter from the socket. After removing the meter socket, use cable cutters to cut the cable connection to the socket, and using a cordless drill and 3-inch hole saw, enlarge the existing hole for the cable. Using a 2-inch hole and extension shaft, cut through the rim joist.

Take the new meter socket, and attach it to a 200-amp SE electrical cable. Feed this cable through the new hole and then attach the meter socket to the exterior of the home. Ensure the socket is level by using a torpedo level. Install a new PVC weather head and a conduit to the wall, too, right about the meter socket, securing it with PVC cement. Fasten it to the house with plastic clips.

Contact the utility company to mark out the location of any lines underground, and then place two copper ground rods into the ground about 6 feet apart. Connect the wires between the ground rods and then to the meter socket. Connect the power wires, and then plug in the glass meter to the socket. Snap on the meter cover to finish.

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