How Do You Get Unwanted Furniture Picked Up?

How Do You Get Unwanted Furniture Picked Up?

The simplest way to get unwanted furniture picked up is to donate it to charity. Many charities that accept furniture donations also pick up the donations.

The Purple Heart Foundation is a charity that often picks up donated furniture. The charity provides disabled veterans and their families with low-cost and free furniture, among other services. Contact the local office or fill out an online form to find out whether the foundation can pick up your furniture and get a time and date for the pick-up. The organization does not typically take baby furniture because of product recalls and safety concerns.

Habitat for Humanity is another charity that usually picks up used furniture, building materials and appliances as long as they are in usable condition. However, the charity does not accept plastic or particle board furniture. The organization’s ReStores sell the donated furniture at low prices to low-income families.

The Salvation Army offers rehabilitation services to families, youth and adults and picks up donated furniture. The organization sells these donations in its thrift stores, which are located throughout the United States. Contact the local office to get details about pickups and the type of furniture that is accepted.

Charity representatives do not typically enter homes because of liability issues. To make the pickup as easy as possible for the organization, leave the furniture on the curb or driveway just before the scheduled pickup with a sign displaying the name of the organization. It may be necessary to cover the furniture depending on the weather.