What Are Some Unusual Mirrors?


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Unusual mirrors often contain irregular or free-form shapes that differ from traditional squares, ovals or rectangles, such as irregular mirrors with angled corners or wall mirrors that have a wide bottom and narrow top. Some unusual mirrors have regular shapes, but elaborate frames and decorations surrounding the glass make mirrors stand out from traditional designs.

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For example, a polygon mirror contains four main sides, but instead of four pointed corners, these polygons have short edges that make a mirror with eight edges. Instead of a regular octagon, these mirrors have four short edges and four significantly longer edges.

Another example of an unusual mirror includes a powder-room design showcased in San Francisco in 2012. The floor-to-ceiling mirror contains free-form shapes that separate the mirror into four distinct parts. The main part sits in front of the sink, while smaller portions exist above and to the left of the main mirror. Designers filled spaces between the mirrored sections with light brown wallpaper.

In Cape Town, South Africa, one agency installed police mug shot mirrors in bathrooms to help prevent drunk driving. As someone stands in front of the mirror, an image shows how someone looks standing in front of a police mug shot background with black-and-white height measurements to either side of the person. Above the mirror, a written message reminds people that drunk driving leads to criminal charges.

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