What Are Some Unusual Headboard Examples?


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Examples of unusual headboards include wooden pallets, room dividers, reclaimed wood and even pegboard. Natural, unfinished wood can also make an unusual headboard, as can a panel board that effectively turns the wall into a storage space.

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Homeowners looking for a rustic, improvised atmosphere can make an unusual, rustic headboard out of two wooden pallets. The benefit of this approach is that the pallets do not necessarily need to match in any particular way. Room dividers make interesting headboards, especially when they match the existing furniture of the room or if the room divider is large in size. Reclaimed wood adds a rustic touch to any bedroom, in particular when the rest of the furniture in the room complements the look. Pegboard offers a do-it-yourself practicality to any bedroom by allowing its occupant to hang decorations simply and easily.

Natural, unfinished wood makes an excellent headboard when combined with simple furnishings and bright or neutral coloring for contrast. Homeowners can install panel board in such a way as to create a headboard full of additional shelves and compartments, incorporating the bedside nightstands into the design and creating a unified atmosphere in the bedroom.

Other headboard ideas include gray, minimalist headboards with stone-like surfaces, or exaggeratedly sized headboards with loud, explosive coloring that immediately draws attention.

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